Studio Pricing


Half Shoot including 3 images – 125 Euros

Full Shoot including 7 images – 185 Euros

New Shoot Price – 0 Euros


Starting July 2016, I’ve introduced a new pricing model. Instead of Paying a session fee (of up to 185 Euros per session), I’ve decided to completely remove session fees altogether and introduce an “a la carte” pricing for images and products.

Shoots are now around 45 Minutes each and parents are absolutely invited to join in on the session.

“Why have you changed the pricing?”

I make great efforts to produce beautiful, timeless images, and I want more people to not only experience the fun and excitement around a shoot, but to get the results they want and expect at the best possible price.

“So is it more expensive to get my beautiful pictures?”

Absolutely not! In fact to buy 5, 10, 15 or 20 images, it costs less than before. Without session fees, you pay for only the images you love, and with the new pricing for images and products, getting those perfect and wonderful shots has just become surprisingly affordable.

What’s the catch? is there a minimum we have to spend?”

There isn’t a catch, I make amazing images, I want you to have them, whether it’s one, or two, ten or twenty.

Click here to view the “a la carte” pricing.

“The minute we’re in, I’m invisible – Rudi’s full attention is focused on my shy boy and girl, it’s as if he’s lost to the grown-up world; he’s one of them now. My chat is not interesting to him: it’s their chat that matters. I actually worry that the camera is being forgotten and the best shots will be missed.

But they are not. I am stunned afterwards by the results. So is he. He gasps at the new depth he has achieved, I gasp at the beautiful china-skinned children, the smiling, flawless, calm children in the photos. My children. Just like those other children. But even more beautiful.