What (not) to wear

Family and kits shoots

Probably the most asked question, and maybe one of the easiest to answer - Keep It Simple.

Everyone should be comfortable, there really isn’t a big need to rush out and buy lots of new clothes just for the shoot, you’ll find the clothes that will work best are already in your home. With my style of photography especially the family shoots, clothes matter less, it’s all about the faces and the emotions. Sometimes, the more you worry about it, and the harder you try to get the clothes right, the more distracting they become.

Here is a simple way to put it, nothing that’s too busy. So nothing with text or catchphrases all over. Patterns are ok, however fine patterns or stripes start to become a distraction when the image is small. Solid colours are awesome, pastels are brilliant, and again, simple works best. If in doubt you can always ask. Bring a change of clothes, not just to try something else, but in case of any accidents on the way to the studio. Dresses are great, jeans work well.

Shoes don’t matter, for the most part they are removed and often socks too, it just makes things easier. I wouldn’t recommend makeup for young kids, it’s just not necessary, sometimes just like a hint of lip gloss for one or two shots is all that’s needed, it’s your call. Take along a hairbrush, and maybe some hair product just in case.

If you don’t want your watch or bracelets in the shot, then take them off in time for the shoot so there is no line left on the skin. Speaking of which, don’t wear a hairband on your wrist, it leaves a mark.

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Individual Portraits

As I also offer a more artistic styled shoot, it’s also the case that clothes may matter more, and I’m happy to discuss the styling for these shoots to get it just perfect. I’m building a dress library here at the studio which can help, and when it comes to hair and makeup we’ll want it to be amazing. You can use your own hair/makeup person, or use Jolanda who I have trusted for years to bring the final result to another wonderful level.